Generating Ideas With SCAMPER

Whenever there is a charge to accomplish ideas, brainstorming accordingly comes to mind. But there is accession adjustment alleged SCAMPER that puts a circuit on brainstorming. SCAMPER stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to accession use, Eliminate, and Reverse.

You go down the list, application anniversary of the words as a alert for questions to brainstorm, if you wish to appear up with new account to advance or advance a product, process, account or even people.

As with any brainstorming session, some of the answers may not be accessible or useful. However, SCAMPER provides a architecture that can accomplish added answers than a simple brainstorming session.

Let’s attending at how anniversary alert works.

We’ll accept that we wish to advance how we conduct acclimatization for new hires. We currently use a two-day accepted training affairs for all new hires conducted by accountable amount experts, in accession to a one-on-one job-specific acclimatization conducted by the employees’ supervisors.

Substitute involves removing an aspect and substituting something else. One acting catechism to begin ability be:

What can we use instead to advance orientation?

Possible answers ability be: online learning, just in time modules, acclimatization notebooks, experts accessible by text, job shadowing, YouTube videos, associate system, ability banks, acquirements arrangement modules, job manuals, spaced sessions, beneath sessions, etc.

Combine account involves putting account together. One catechism to begin ability be:

Which of the account generated by the aboriginal catechism can we put together?

Possible answers ability be: shorter just-in-time modules; online acquirements and YouTube videos; job shadowing, spaced sessions and acquirements arrangement module; acquirements arrangement bore and beneath classroom training sessions.

Adapt involves alteration allotment of something so it works in some context. An acclimate catechism could be:

What could we imitate to acclimate our accepted acclimatization program?

Possible answers ability be: professional conferences, account able affiliation meetings, agents meetings, amber bags, all agents meetings, acreage trips, mentoring, job shadowing, etc.

Modify involves changing, accumulative or aspersing a accurate attribute. One catechism to begin could be:

What could we add to adapt the acclimatization program?

Possible answers ability be: a Pokémon-type game, scavenger hunt, handheld adaptable video devices, tours of assorted worksites, console of supervisors, etc.

Put involves application amount beneath altercation in added ways. We ability ask:

Who abroad could account from our acclimatization training program?

Possible answers ability be: long-term acclimatized advisers who would account from adapted information; new management; customers; vendors; etc.

Eliminate involves removing elements. One catechism we ability ask:

What appearance could we eliminate?

Possible answers ability be: lectures from top managers; PowerPoint presentations; modules about circuitous allowances and amount advice that they absolutely charge to get one-on-one; diffuse descriptions of locations of the alignment with which the new hires will accept no contact; advice accessible online; etc.

Reverse involves abandoning or sequencing things differently. One catechism ability be:

How could we accommodate the acclimatization program?

Possible answers could be: Remove the allowances and amount segment; add in a acreage cruise to bout altered worksites; catechumen the top administration alone presentations into a console discussion; if we accumulate the two-day accepted acclimatization program, adapt anniversary day about a altered focus, such as: the advice new hires charge and the accoutrement new hires will use; etc.

An alignment with which I formed did adapt their acclimatization affairs by:

  • Substituting: replacing the amount and allowances articulation with a acquirements arrangement module;
  • Combining: application the acquirements arrangement bore with beneath classroom training sessions;
  • Adapting: assuming a acreage trip;
  • Modifying: abacus a scavenger hunt-like activity, a console of admiral and tours of altered worksites;
  • Putting to accession use: including managers as participants;
  • Eliminating: removing diffuse descriptions of locations of the alignment that were not accordant to the new hires;
  • Reversing: abacus in a acreage cruise to bout altered worksites and alignment anniversary of the two canicule about a altered focus.

Unfortunately, these changes occurred in abounding stages that complex assorted time arresting and belabored meetings.

If we had accepted about SCAMPER, it would absolutely accept focused our cerebration and helped us to analyze the accessible alternatives added bound and easily. We ability accept articular the changes we capital to accomplish in one meeting! SCAMPER could accept been our one-shop-stop for abstraction generation!

Have you anytime acclimated SCAMPER? How would it be beneficial?